Native American Collection

This collection includes items in addition to those appearing in “Portable Water and Food Ware,” “Portable Shelter,” and “Portable Bedding and Pack.”

Notes on illustrations:

Native American herbs included Echinacea, or Purple Cone Flower (used topically or steeped in water to treat pains, abrasions, toothache, and eye irritation), Horsemint (chewed or consumed as tea to treat indigestion), and Sassafras (consumed as tea for a cure-all).

Tarahumara pottery is hand-coiled and open-fired without the use of a potter’s wheel or kiln. Plows are chopped from oak trees and fashioned with a hatchet. Tarahumara blankets, as shown under “Portable Bedding and Pack,” are woven from sheep wool and goat hair using a log loom placed outdoors on the ground.