Tales of Ancient Skies

The world is well aware of the astounding impact of ancient Greek culture on western civilization, and the dissemination of that heritage around the globe. Hellenic contributions are apparent in our social and economic systems, and in our political experimentations ranging from democracy to dictatorship. Hellenes formed the foundations of our science, philosophy, ethics, spirituality, literature, art, architecture, music, and athletics. Their mythology continues to infuse our popular culture and the material items they left behind form the core of our museums. Even our daily vocabulary (with words like museum from the Greek word muse) reveals our indebtedness to the world they created three thousand years ago.

Most of us know the names of Achilles, Helen, Homer, Sappho, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and other renowned individuals of that vibrant civilization. But few know of the lives of the common people who worked and played, hoped and feared, lived and loved in classical Greece much as we do today.

Tales of Ancient Skies is a historical novel that reveals the daily lives of the ancient Greeks by presenting factual information in the framework of a fictional storyline set in the fifth century B.C. The narrative includes tales and illustrations of the forty-eight classical constellations, and portrays ancient agriculture, craftsmanship, mining, trade, navigation, rural and urban lifestyles, social customs, politics, military life, religion, science, philosophy, cosmology, and mythology. Tales of Ancient Skies presents a fresh and authentic glimpse of a truly beautiful civilization. The book is designed to complement and expand upon Ancient Skies, and is produced from the same extensive body of research.